Process Over Position

I’m a huge fan of being successful and reaching that position I’ve been working towards. I’m sorry (not sorry), but I’d probably have to call a bluff if you told me that you didn’t. A position of success looks different for everyone. Mother Theresa wouldn’t find success in making a million dollars, but a Fortune 500 company would say only a million dollars in revenue was a failure. We all strive for success. We desire to be known. We crave security in position and in reputation.

I graduated from college last month (insert all of the congrats emojis ever made)! I played by all of the rules and never missed a night of sleep, of course. What a journey it was!  As much as I loved my last season, I knew I had to begin seeking God for what was next. The only problem is that my transitions have never seemed to go in the way I’ve planned. It takes real bravery to seek God during these times because we’re basically saying “God here’s what I’d like to do, but what do you have in mind?” That sounds so sweet and Christian-like but we serve a very personal God. He doesn’t just point to the position we want and send us on our way; He points to the process of how we will get there. Funny thing, even the “get there” part will look way different when we finally reach it because we’re no longer the same person.

After a couple of doors closed on my next step, I decided to get determined. I got myself all ready like I was about to go to a job interview and went to a coffee shop to start looking into jobs, internships, etc. I had my iced coffee and my favorite lipstick on, and I just knew I would be riding the wave of success in no time. I began to search for jobs in cities I’d like to live in, but literally not even 10 minutes into looking, a wave came over me that I can’t quit explain. This gut wrenching feeling of deep dissatisfaction filled my heart. I began to think “I’ll never get the platform I need” and “People will never see me as the woman God has shown me I’ll be”. I ran to my mom (because who else do you go to as a woman in your 20’s) and a few close friends for encouragement. They all spoke the Word over me and told me to speak against the lies of the enemy. I pretty much have the greatest people in my life EVER! But I felt it was something deeper…

I began to seek God each day to reveal what was going on, and sure enough HE DID! This is when it gets scary y’all because the problem was actually me. I really love the Lord until He shows me myself, and then I have to question if I really love Him because I feel like we should just ignore the ugly sides of myself. Yet, He continually decides to go against what I want. Typical.

I’ve just came from what I think is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and now I am back in the city I was born and raised in. It’s mundane, boring, and way too familiar. But as I reflect on the little city I grew up in, I’m reminded that God doesn’t care about the place of positioning. You may have a big vision but so did Jesus and He took the lowliest position as a servant. His vision was to save all mankind. God cares about the process to get us to His promises. He knows that we sometimes have to go through things we don’t want to go through in order to become the person that can handle position. Jesus went through a lot and He ended up on a cross. I personally don’t see that in my future plans, but I’m sure Jesus wasn’t planning to go through all of the pain He went through either. If He hadn’t have stayed obedient to God through the process, He may have given up when His time finally came to be in position

So you may be asking, what happened to you after the coffee shop? What did God show you? YOU CAN’T LEAVE US HANGIN! As much as I’d like to say God told me He loved me and sent me on my way, that’s just not what happened. I realized I had so much importance on getting a good position to set me up for my dreams, that the thought of having some low level job was beyond me. Judge all you want, but I’m speaking truth here. We all desire to be valuable and feel purposeful, but the desire for position can never become more important than the process God takes us through. The moment we take our eyes off of Jesus is the moment we fall into an identity crisis. Whether you’re a student, stay at home parent, or CEO of your business, my encouragement is to remember that you belong to God. He’s the only one that bring true promotion and eternal position. Job titles will come and go, but the words that God speaks about us will last forever, and let’s thank Him for that because y’all can’t keep up with me anyways ; ) Just kidding.


Love always,

becca boudreyyyyyyyy




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