Dealing with Disappointment

I went to the Brighton Beach this past week, but what even is a beach in England? I couldn’t see anything because there was so much fog. In fact, it looked really creepy (think I’m kidding, see for yourself below). It looked like a scene from  A Series of Unfortunate Events or some scary movie. Despite the weather, it was lots of fun and I can’t wait to go back (in summer of course). The pier had all kinds of games, rides, and my all time favorite, NUTELLA CREPES. It was nothing like I expected!

I’ve realized that any time you take a huge step of faith, there are many unexpected surprises along the way. Taking a step of faith can also reveal the places where we’ve been missing the mark or cause us to relook at the direction we’re going in. Both can be pretty over whelming. God does infinitely more than we can even think or imagine, so it’s expected that He will always keep us on our toes! That being said, thanks for your patience with as I’ve been working on new posts ❤️  Majority of my life has been unexpected lately haha so I appreciate you giving me the time that I’ve needed to create some routine.

I don’t believe in teaching from broken places, but I really value vulnerability and being open about the lessons I’ve learned. Coming to London, I had a whole plan of how things were going to go. I was super excited about coming to England, but I was even more excited about the opportunities that it held. I’ve been in leadership for a few years now so I had definitely gotten “comfortable” with how things worked. I know what I’m called to and I’ve been faithful so I was ready to have the fullness of those promises (aka my patience had run out)! I thought God was just going to swing open the doors of opportunity and we were all going to hold hands and sing my favorite Hillsong worship song. Seriously how ridiculous does that sounds haha. I can assure you that’s not what happened… at all.

Instead of affirmations and opportunities, God put me in situations that I had never been in and gave me 0, zip, nada opportunities. Instead of every door opening, it seemed that every door had closed. You can imagine my excitement especially as a senior in college. I quickly realized God wanted me to just spend time with Him so I was faced with an internal debate. I know that God is a good Father, but am I really going to go through the pains of growing and trusting Him in another step after this disappointment? I wrestled with it. I tried to call it something else. I cried about it. I even ignored it all together. However, the decision was still mine to make….


Nothing in my surroundings changed. I don’t have this big opportunity waiting for me around the corner. But I spent time with the Creator of my heart and He spoke to me in ways that only He can. I know He is true and that He will be faithful, so I decided to put my full trust in Him once again. I would rather be faithful and follow His voice than to step out on my own any day!


There are no ABC 123, easy ways out of disappointment. Every human being is unique and only God knows the deep intricate parts of our hearts. Even as I was reading in Proverbs 14 this morning it said that every heart knows it’s own bitterness and no one can fully share in its joy. God Himself is the only one that can help you to understand your disappointments and to help you grow from them. I encourage you to spend real time with the Lord. If you’re unsure of where to start, just share your heart with Him and explain what’s going on. I usually find that He speaks to me before I’m even done explaining. I believe He’ll speak to you too and I’d love to hear about it!

Love always,


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