I have no idea what brought you to my page, but I am so excited that it did! I don’t claim to be perfect but I hope you are encouraged in your journey while you explore the joys and struggles of mine.

dsc_0278 After graduating from high school in Oklahoma, I had plans to go to school for Physical Therapy (yes, I’m a science nerd), but I didn’t feel like that was “it” for me so I made a decision to do an internship in Louisiana instead. It required me to give up all of my excuses and comforts. I had no idea what was ahead of me, but I knew God called me, I responded, and my life took a turn in a new direction. Several opportunities later and I am now studying in London and about to graduate from college.

I love quality time with my friends and fam, expressing my creativity, and attempting to live a healthy lifestyle because let’s be honest.. I still love chocolate & southern comfort food. More than anything else, my greatest joy is living for Jesus Christ and having the opportunity to share Him with anyone and everyone. I believe that everyone has a unique story that has defined who they are. I also believe that no matter how the story began, it can always have a beautiful ending.

Becca B ❤

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